The Newberry Museum is a non-profit organization designed to showcase ALL of Newberry County and Newberry College. Not focusing solely on the past, the museum is designed to be an informational center serving to educate its visitors as to the many opportunities within the County and at the College. Representing a unique relationship between the County of Newberry, the City of Newberry, Newberry College, and the Newberry County Historical and Museum Society, the museum is located in an historic building which has recently undergone extensive restoration by funding allocated through the 2016 Capital Project Sales Tax referendum. Along with the contents, exhibits, and programming, the building itself is a part of The Newberry Museum experience!

The Newberry Museum is a 501 (c) (3) organization which received its tax-exempt status in December of 2014 with the identification number of 47-0982472. It is a registered South Carolina charitable organization.  Governed by a Board of Directors, the museum group has worked over the past five years to bring The Newberry Museum into reality. The museum's Board of Directors includes Community members at Large, representatives from Newberry County, the City of Newberry, Newberry College, and from the Newberry County Historical and Museum Society. In addition to the Board of Directors, a committee comprised of representatives from municipalities throughout the County serves as an Advisory Committee to help plan exhibits related to their location.

The Newberry Museum's professional staff will be comprised of an Executive Director, a Curator and an Archivist who  who is a member of the Faculty of Newberry College.  Supported by trained volunteers acting as docents and by student interns from Newberry College.


From the beginning, The Newberry Museum has represented a very special community partnership involving Newberry County, City and College. Within those entities there are other individuals and groups who have worked to bring the Newberry Museum into service.

The Board of Directors is extremely grateful to the citizens of Newberry County for their approval of the 2016 CPST referendum, which has funded the restoration of the Taylor Building and has so beautifully re-purposed the building as the Newberry Museum. In addition, the board is grateful to those Newberrians who stepped up to fund the mezzanine construction, which priced out of the 2.2 million dollar allocation. Realizing that the optimum time for including this expansion of the display space by incorporating the mezzanine was during the renovation period, the board worked to raise the money through both a generous grant and individual contributions.

Working with student interns and the faculty of Newberry College has greatly advanced the museum's work with the cataloging and has helped in the production of the audio-visual presentations to be shown at the museum. Marketing considerations were generated by Newberry College students as well.

Grateful recognition is also extended to the Rotary Club of Newberry for their grant of 10,000 dollars, which has already funded much of the technology needed for the museum.

It should also be noted that the Newberry School District through the services of the Career Center has been part of the initial planning of the museum and have been instrumental in the production of many of the display cases for the museum. Having direct student involvement has exemplified educational opportunities coming from the participation within the museum.