Welcome Home!

The Newberry Museum Reopens to Public


On behalf of myself, curator Ernest Shealy, and the Board of Directors, I want to welcome you back to your museum. The Newberry Museum will reopen to the public on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. 


In order to maximize safety for visitors, volunteers, and staff, we will be instituting a phased reopening with new sanitation measures and guidelines. As conditions change, our safety and sanitation guidelines will change, as well. 


Our current policy, based on COVID conditions is that staff will wear masks, and visitors will receive hand sanitizer upon entering the building. Visitors are strongly encouraged to wear masks as well. There will be sanitation stations placed around the museum as well, for visitors to utilize as needed. 


Social distancing guidelines and decreased occupancy within the building will be in effect, and our theater and conference room will be temporarily closed, as distancing is not possible in these locations. We will be temporarily discontinuing use of our water fountains and interactive educational activities in the children’s room, so as to limit the spread of germs to the highest extent possible. 


Additionally, we will be limiting our hours, opening from 10am-4pm from Tuesday to Saturday to ensure appropriate time for daily deep cleaning, focusing especially on high-contact surfaces. In lieu of volunteer-assisted tours and use of touch screen monitors at this time, we are offering completely self-guided tours with the option of visitors utilizing QR codes on their smartphones to provide an interactive and dynamic experience. 


At this time, we will continue to offer supplementary programming and activities online, to increase visitor safety while providing content for folks who would rather delay their visit. 


To commemorate our reopening, we have installed an exciting new exhibit entitled “Keeping Cool.” The exhibit showcases artifacts that have been historically utilized to help Newberrians combat hot Southern summers. Come learn about these items and more as you make your return to your museum. We can’t wait to welcome you home!