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In pottery studios, a boneyard consists of pottery made by guest potters, sculptors, and clay artists and left at the clay studio as an example of their work for teaching purposes. It also represents a potter or artist who excels in their craft and says that this artist was in the studio teaching and demonstrating, leaving behind a record for future scholars of clay. The pieces displayed here, on loan from the Newberry Arts Center, are examples of clay artists and potters who have headlined at each of the South Carolina Clay Conferences from 2015 to 2019, in Newberry, SC. These pieces have been bisque fired, the first firing for clay, but have not been glaze fired. This is typical of a boneyard. Form, texture, surface, and other aspects of the unfinished piece create so much beauty and information for the observer. To experience a virtual video tour of this exhibit, click here. 

2019 Clay Conference

Matt Jones, Kevin Snipes

Kevin Snipes

2018 Clay Conference

All Works by Lisa Orr

Shadow May

Michael Kline

2017 Clay Conference

All Works by Tom Coleman, some incising work by Elaine Coleman

2016 Clay Conference

Porcelain by Michael Sherrill

Glenda Guion

2015 Clay Conference

Mike Vatalaro

Sue Grier

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