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Past Exhibits

Here's a brief look at past exhibits. More detailed information coming soon!
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The Newberry City Fire Department: 150 Years of Fire Fighting

The Newberry Museum is was proud to honor The Newberry City Fire Department with a special exhibit commemorating their 150th year of service to our community. The exhibit featured active, volunteer and retired firefighters, the fires of downtown Newberry, original fire equipment, historic photos, and the accomplishments of the fire department and Old Joe the fire horse & Malcolm Lassane.


She Said... "Yes"!

"She Said... 'Yes'! Wedding Fashions: History, Design, Artistry and Skill" offered visitors an in-person opportunity to see garments and objects that dated back more than 200 years, and to learn about the history of wedding fashion as well as the design, artistry, and  skill that brought them into being.

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A Tribute to Israel Brooks Jr.

Israel Brooks, Jr. was a highly decorated man of service in the Marine Corp, as the first African American man to join the South Carolina State Troopers, and later as a US Marshall, he dedicated his life to making our state safe for everyone.  


Boneyard Pottery

The Newberry Arts Center loaned pieces of their boneyard collection made by artists featured in the annual South Carolina Clay Conference.

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Meeting on the Level: Newberry County Freemasonry

"Meeting on the Level: Newberry County Freemasonry" gave a glimpse inside the history of Freemasonry in Newberry County, as well as, feature artifacts from the local lodges that would rarely be seen by non-members.


WKDK: The Voice of Newberry County for 75 Years

Newberry County has had a local, family-owned, radio station since 1946.  The Coggins family have played current hits, old favorites, and highlighted local talent for 75 years.  


Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool highlights how Newberrians dealt with the South Carolina heat before air conditioning was common.


Coming Home to Newberry

This exhibit was a retrospective of Newberry College’s establishment beginnings with its initial institution in 1831 and following the College’s transitions to multiple locations in search of HOME. The exhibit revealed a journey of faith and perseverance through trails and triumph and focused on the first Homecoming of 1922 as we celebrated 100th year of Newberry College's Homecoming.


Celebrating the Harlem Renaissance

The exhibit celebrated the significant, historic ties African Americans in Newberry have to this movement as artists, members of the great migration out of the south to northern industrial areas, and as soldiers in World War I.


Celebrating the Centennial of the 19th Amendment

In 2020 The Newberry Museum held a special ceremony and exhibit celebrating the passage of the 19th amendment.

Permanent Exhibits

Learn more about the exhibits at The Newberry Museum.

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Special Exhibit

The Newberry City Fire Department: 150 Years of Firefighting

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