Special Exhibit

The Newberry Museum is proud to offer changing exhibits that tell the story of Newberry and the surrounding areas throughout history.

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Pretty dresses! Yes! LOTS of pretty dresses! But so much more. This exhibit offers our visitors an
in-person opportunity to see garments and objects that date back more than 200 years and to learn
about the history of wedding fashion as well as the design, artistry, and skill that brought them into

This exhibit truly has something for everyone: for students of fashion history, or general history;

for teachers; for museum professionals; for genealogists; for aspiring fashion designers; for costume-makers; for tailors; for needleworkers and fiber artists; for members of the clergy; for anyone in the wedding industry; for anyone in the literary arts or performing arts; for anyone who enjoys classic literature or historical fiction or costume dramas.

Each mannequin, each dress form, and each case in this collection is a blank canvas upon which is
displayed a piece of history, a marvel of design and skill, a work of art.


We welcome you to look, learn, and enjoy!

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